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Whatever destination you have in mind, GUNA YALA EXPLORER has a wide selection of islands, and places to visit in the beautiful islands of the Guna Yala region, or better known as the San Blas Islands in Panama.

For 12 years, we have maintained a joint work with local guides, and indigenous communities to impact in a positive and sustainable way. 

Book the best tours to the islands of San Blas with Guna Yala Explorer, we take care of every detail of your visit from transfers by car, boat in excellent condition, and visits to the best islands.

Let us coordinate your day trip to the best islands, including visiting Assudub Bipi "Sunked Ship", Pelicano Island of the Money Heist Netflix Series, Wailidub Island, Natural Pools, Assudub Dummad, Banedub, Anmardub Island among other



Franklin Island

Beautiful island located in Cayos Grullos where the famous netflix  series "The Money Heist" was filmed with wooden floor cabins and traditional cabins.

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Assudub Bipi

Sunked Ship Island

One of the iconic islands of the area, due to its famous sunken ship, it has traditional cabins with wooden floors.

San Blas Islands Overnights

The islands of San Blas are made up of 365 islands, in which there are a variety of lodging options. We recommend booking early as demand is high.


We organize visits between the Wailidub Islands, Perro Chico del Barco Hundido, Diablo, among other islands.


Together with us you will not have to worry about your organization, transfers, tours, accommodation.


We will assist you so that your trip to the San Blas Islands is transparent and advising you on the best option for you.. 

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Guasirdub Island

Very little known, however it has one of the best facilities in the area with only 3 cabins on the sea

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Yanis Island

Yanis Island, its original name is Yanngasailadub, has rooms, cabins on the sea and on land located in lemon keys

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One of our favorite islands has cabins with wooden floors


Dad Igua

Located in the heart of the Limones Keys, specifically on Isla Diablo, it has traditional cabins and 1 with private bathroom.

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Wailidub Lodge

With 12 cabins on the sea, 6 with private bathrooms and 6 without private bathrooms, and beautiful turquoise waters that surround the island.

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Isla Aguja Panama

Icodub Island

Close to the port, it has traditional cabins, with bathroom and bedrooms for groups of friends.

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Wissudub Island

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