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Package # 3- Money Heist Tour Pass

Package # 3- Money Heist Tour Pass

  • Payments by credit card have a charge of 7%  


  • Transfer from Panama City in shared 4x4 cars 

  • Lunch (Catch of the day)

  • Payment of islands to visit

  • Snorkel Masks 

  • Guided tour visiting 2 Islands and the Cayos Gruyos Natural Pool. (Isla Gorgidub from the Netflix series, Anamardub and Piscina Natural) 

  • Non-alcoholic beverages  on tour 

  • Souvenir photo under the sea courtesy

What does not include?

  • County taxes 22.00 

  • Additional Drinks

  • Transfer by 4x4 car (shared) from Panama City (Hotel, Apartment) to the Port of Carti Niga Kantule

Recommendations to bring

  • Original Passports!!! (Without the Passport we will not be able to enjoy the Tour)

  • Photo cameras

  • Change of clothes

  • Plastics to protect your belongings from salt water

  • Beach towels

  • Snorkel masks of your choice 

  • Travel in a 4x4 or 4x2 car in excellent condition.  

  • Return Policy

    In the case of Excursions (Tours) and Transfers: (Applies to Day Trips)


    • Any request to modify the original itinerary must be timely notified by the client to the official Reservation channels of this company within 24 hours of the start of the service, otherwise there will be no possibility of making the change.

    • Between 24 hours and 48 hours, the service may be modified at no cost, and in case of cancellation, the return will be only 75% of the amount paid for the total of the Original package.

    • If in such case  Guna YALA Explorer has only received the Minimum Payment for Passage services between $35.00 per person and $60.00 per person, it IS NOT REFUNDABLE for Administrative Expenses.

    • If in such a case you have paid 50% or 100% of the total of your package, a partial refund of the same applies in such case you have decided to cancel your tour 48 hours in advance. Less Managed Expenses.



      In case of drizzle or light rain, it is assumed that the tour will take place as stipulated in your reservation sent by Guna Yala Explorer unless you receive a cancellation notice from the company

      Guna Yala Explorer will cancel the tour in case of heavy rain or extreme weather that puts the safety of passengers at risk (this includes heavy rain, lightning, floods, etc.).

    Our priority is to implement effective security measures and any of our tours is subject to weather conditions. Circumstances like Storms  or currents can prevent the excursion

      (only rain is not a reason to cancel the tour).

    In case of adverse weather conditions we will try to change the date of your excursion, or change the itinerary

    Between December and April, the Guna Yala Islands are characterized by having normal trade winds of the time, which makes the tide a little rough, it is not a reason to cancel the tour and our captains have many years of experience sailing in this type of normal trade wind weather between December - April


    IMPORTANT NOTE:  All cancellations must be informed by email with acknowledgment of receipt to: 

    Circuits and tourist packages. - Tours and Transfers. -


    Cancellations will not be accepted by phone or by quick message. 



Excluding Tax
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