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Beach Tour to the San Blas Islands

Beach Tour to the San Blas Islands

  • Transfer by 4x4 car from Panama City  Hub 

  • Maritime transfer from the Port to the Islands with lifeguards, Guide throughout the tour

  • Lunch (Catch of the day)

  • Payment of islands to visit

  • Personalized guide throughout the tour

  • Snorkel Masks

  • Courtesy souvenir photo 

What does not include?

  • county taxes  $20.00 foreigners 

  • Additional Drinks

Recommendations to bring

  • Original Passports!!!  and Personal Identity Card (Without the Passport we will not be able to enjoy the Tour)

  • Photo cameras

  • Change of clothes

  • Plastics to protect your belongings from salt water

  • Beach towels

  • Snorkel masks of your choice 

  • Biosafety Protocols

    Guna Yala Explorer as a responsible tour operator and following the biosecurity indications
    national and international we have adapted our tour services for an upcoming
    opening to national and international tourism, complying with strictly
    established by the health authorities. Next, we will detail the protocols of
    safety to follow when taking a tour with us.

    New Postcovid form: when booking a tour with us, this must be filled out
    form with additional information of each participant in order to keep track
    details of the person who did the tour with us.
    Disinfection of cars: the cars that we will use will be disinfected daily
    Before each service, even between each transfer service, our drivers will take into account
    the car the disinfection kits used and recommended by the national health authorities.
    Biosafety kit: All cars will have disposable masks and a safety kit.
    personal disinfection for the use of the occupants and the driver, the gel is mandatory
    alcohol and the disinfection of briefcases and bags brought by the tour participants, all
    aforementioned items must be disinfected before placing them in the car.
    Temperature taking: before boarding the cars our drivers will take the temperature
    of temperature to each person, even the driver must also take the temperature and
    show the tour participants that it maintains the required normal temperature no higher than
    37.5 degrees
    Use of masks: all tour participants must use the mask inside the car,
    the driver will verify the mandatory use of it, as it is a transfer by car approximately
    of 2 hours and 30 minutes we will make 2 technical stops in safe places and clear of
    crowds so that occupants can stretch and rest from wearing masks whenever
    maintaining the physical distancing established by the health authorities. every stop
    It will be for 15 minutes.
    Capacity of the automobile: The established norms and according to the load capacity of each
    car, the maximum use of occupants per car has been restricted, for the time being and until
    when the health authorities designate it in the Guna Yala Explorer cars the
    Transfer capacity will be 4 people plus the driver.

    Disinfection of the boat: Guna Yala Explorer complying with the standards established by
    our public health authorities will disinfect the boat before and after each service
    even during the tour if necessary.
    Biosafety kit by boat: our staff will have the disinfection kits for the use of
    all tour participants, the use of alcohol gel is mandatory and will be
    provided for use before boarding the vessel in the same way

    disinfect any item that gets on the boat, suitcases, backpacks or other items that are not
    are edible, our crew will kindly request it for disinfection.

    Temperature taking by boat: at the time of boarding, our staff will proceed to take the
    of temperature to all the participants of the tour, even the temperature will be taken by the staff
    of the boat (guide, sailor and captain)
    Use of Mask: the use of a mask is mandatory throughout the tour in the
    boat, the routes to visit do not exceed 45 minutes of distance between each one.
    Capacity of transfer by boat: The established norms and according to the load capacity of each
    car, the maximum use of occupants per boat has been restricted, for the moment and until
    When the health authorities designate it, 50% of the occupancy capacity will be used in the
    Route itinerary: Guna Yala Explorer has always been characterized by making our visits to
    less agglomerated islands and being the current situation with more reason we will continue carrying out
    our tours to islands that are just as beautiful but not so commercial in order to guarantee everyone
    our travelers the security and tranquility they are looking for when visiting the islands next to
    Restaurants and Lunches: Together with the restaurants, we will coordinate a schedule where our
    travelers can have their lunch in a safe and orderly manner, thus avoiding
    agglomerations, in the same way and in support of our food service providers
    guna yala explorer staff will disinfect each area that our travelers will use when
    time to eat your lunch.
    We hope that with these biosafety protocols and with the support of our authorities
    local and national we can offer all our travelers the confidence of visiting a
    safe tourist destination, and where its people are 100% committed to making your visit the
    as pleasant and safe as possible, as time goes by Guna Yala Explorer will continue
    implementing the new measures assigned by our health authorities.

    Thank you for continuing to trust in our services for your visit to the islands, if something
    characterized all these years has been our care and dedication to each of our
    travelers on our tours, more than 8 years operating our tours and 4 consecutive years being
    awarded on the prestigious trip advisor travel website as the number 1 of tours in
    the islands of guna yala, endorse our commitment to all of you and even more so in these times
    of new normal.

Excluding Tax
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