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Everything you need to know about Chichime Island in San Blas Panama in 2023

Much has been commented on the networks, in different Blogs that Chichime Island located on the San Blas Islands, whose real name in Guna is Wissudub is one of the best in the area hosting and receiving national and international tourists.

This island is one of the largest in the area and it takes approximately 30 minutes to walk around it, going around the island in the Kayaks to get to know it.

In the past there were 3 facilities, however after the Pandemic only 1 remained. Which we have in our catalog which is Wissidub-Chichime Cabins.

These facilities have 7 cabins among them, some with private bathrooms, shared bathrooms and bedrooms. It is also an excellent island if you want to camp and spend some spectacular days in paradise.

Chichime Island one of the best island for overnight
Chichime Island in San Blas Islands

How can you see in this beautiful photo taken from the air, it has an excellent beach area, with turquoise waters, Chichime is a true paradise.

Guna Yala Explorer Boat
Sunset from Wissudub island

Sunrise from Chichime

First of all, be prepared to visit the natural paradise, don't forget to take your snorkeling equipment (they also rent there), you can enjoy the surrounding Marine Channels and the abundant marine life in the area, relax in the sun, lying down on the sand or in the hammock.

If you love to snorkel you will have the opportunity to see nurse sharks, manta rays and corals.

And if you love fishing, you can add the traditional-style fishing tour with the staff in search of your own dinner.

The island includes 1 tour in its rates which visit Assudub Bipi where the Sunken Ship and natural pools are located.

The island is characterized by the fact that its surroundings abound in marine, many fish including red snapper, grouper, barracudas, and the famous lobsters.

There are also options for vegetarians and fishermen (with prior notice)

The staff, who are from the communities, like good Gunas, the hobby is fishing, we are very good divers, so during your stay you may have the opportunity to see how they are going to fish your dinner is wonderful!

Chichime Island Lodge
Chichime Island

Lobster in San Blas Islands
Lobster for the Dinner

If you are planning to travel to our beautiful San Blas Island, Guna Yala, you should have on your list Wissudub - Chichime and stay.

Visit our page and you can check the rates for this beautiful island.https://www.gunayalaexplorer. com/wissudubenchichime

Important: If you go between the months of December-April and July-August we recommend booking up to 3 months in advance since with 7 cabins the demand is high and you can be left without the experience of this island.

For more detailed information, you can write to us and we will gladly assist you in a personalized way so that your visit is the best experience in Panama.

All about Chichime in the San Blas Islands :

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