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Guasirdub a new destination with cabins on the sea in the San Blas Islands that you should not miss.

Guasirdub Island was inaugurated just before the Pandemic in November 2019 , with 2 cabins on the sea in San Blas with showers and bathrooms at the back of the island.

Currently, in 2023, it has 3 cabins on the sea, it is one of the islands that has the best infrastructure for the most demanding visitors, and is geographically located in an area of turquoise waters and islands of the Cayos Limones.

Tips for traveling to San Blas Islands
Guasirdub Island

A curious fact about the name of this island is that it was named after a small Rufous-necked Cotora bird that likes to run in the mangroves and tropical beaches. This bird feeds on crabs.

In the Guna language: Guasir (Cotora Cuellirufa) Dub: Island.

This is the picture of the Bird

We recommend booking this beautiful destination months in advance, since it only has 3 cabins, which makes this destination exclusive for its visitors.

For more information:

Whatsapp +507 6912-7272

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