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Pelican Island in Guna Yala, the paradise where the netflix series Money Heist was filmed.

Exactly in 2018, our beautiful Guna Yala Islands were the perfect location for the recording of one of the Netflix series, the Casa de Papel ( Money Heist) where Tokio & Río hid on this paradisiacal island of the Indigenous Region of Guna Yala in Panama.

Exactly it was seen in the series, different places, communities and above all I enhance the beauty of the Gruyos Cays, the island called Gorgidub that in Spanish would be Isla Pelicano.

Currently there are tour routes in that specific area and despite this island having a famous name from the filming of the series, paradoxically it is one of the least visited islands, being off the commercial route, which is visited en masse, there are very few the people or operators who visit this Route of the Money Heist

Since 2019, Guna Yala Explorer began to visit islands located in the Cayos Gruyos where this famous island is located, trying to avoid the crowds that normally occur when visiting the other famous islands of Cayos Limones.

In the Gruyos Cays you will find Pelicano Island, Natural Pools, Anmardub Island, Guanidub, Tubasenika Island, Narasgandub, among others.

It is important to know that many people confuse this island with the small and beautiful island located in Lemon Keys near Dog Island, which have the same name.

This area of ​​Cayos Gruyos has nothing to envy in beauty to the commercial area of ​​Cayos Limones.

Our travelers have thanked us for the tranquility, peace, and relaxation they have had when visiting these less crowded islands.

For reservations you can contact us at +507 6912-727 ( whatsapp)


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