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10 Places to stay and the best San Blas Islands Hotels in Panama in 2021, Guna Yala

There are various places, accommodations, cabins to choose when you decide to visit San Blas Islands.

I have no order to detail them all are beautiful and specials

1.Garduk Lodge:

If your interest is all about bird watching, hiking, hiking, staying 2 to 3 nights, these cabins are the right ones to stay and learn a little more about the Biodiversity of our region. In the same way you can visit this link for tours to trails, waterfalls organized by us.

2. Icodub Island:

Located 20 minutes from the Pier, it has cabins with private bathrooms, camping area, restaurant, beautiful white sand beach area, staying there you can visit the famous Assudub Island bipi del Barco Hundido, the natural pools of the Limones Cays, Assudub Island Dummad (Big Dog), Wissidub (Chichime), Niadub.

This island is located 7.3 km away from El Porvenir Island and 3.2 km from the port of Niga Kantule. It is a Community island, the sand is white with a very fine texture and in its surroundings there are coral reefs.

3. Wailidub Island:

This island formerly called Mosquitos Island located in the heart of the Limones Cays has cabins on the sea with private bathrooms, a beautiful view of the Guna paradise. Staying on this island you can also visit the Dog Island of the Sunken Boat (Assudub Bipi), the natural pools of the Lemons Keys, the beautiful pelican island (gordidub), Wissidub and among other islands in this area.

4. Assudub Bipi (Isla Perro Chico).

One of the most famous islands in the area, very visited on day tours, it also has lodgings with private bathrooms, camping area. It has a sunken ship, it is interesting to see the amount of fish that are housed in it.

The beach has white sand and a fine texture, the water is transparent. This island is located 6.7km from El Porvenir Island and 16.5 km from the Port of Carti Niga Kantule.

5. Wissudub Cabins (Chichime Island)

This island is located to the west of the famous Cayos Holandeses. It is located 7.8km from Gaigordub Island if you want to come by Helicopter.

It has cabins with private bathrooms (renovated Post Covid), it has a camping area, the sand is transparent turquoise with very fine sand, and there are coral banks that is its main attraction, very interesting for lovers of snorkeling and wildlife observation Marine.

Actually, it is also an anchorage area for catamarans, yachts and sailboats that come from different parts of the world.

This is one of the islands most reserved by Guna Yala Explorer for they good service

6. Niadub Cabins (Niadub Island)

An island visited by backpackers, young people, families is located in front of Isla Perro Chico, it has private cabins and in the covid season it has been adding private bathrooms to each room, this is good news for all visitors.

7. Guanidub Island

One of the islands with more years of operation located in the Gruyos Cays, it has 11 cabins, it is not a massive island, they regularly serve only their clients who stay, which makes it paradisiacal, idyllic and quiet.

Among your tours as it is located in the Gruyos Cays, you visit the island where the paper house was filmed, the Pelicano Island of Gruyos Keys, Franklin Island, Anmardub, Natural Pools, Nubesidub among others.

8. Tubasenika Island

Also known as Franklin Island, this beautiful island is very famous among young people, with an atmosphere, it has several private cabins, it is in the area of ​​Cayos Gruyos where its included tours are Isla Estrella, Isla Anmardub, Isla Pelicano de la casa de papel, Isla Guanidub and Natural Pools.

9. Anmardub Island

Community Island that is part of our territory and under the administration of the Guna General Congress, formerly called Bibirdub.

This beautiful island only enabled for camping, is one of our favorites, it has an extensive beach, and services to attend day tours in its restaurant.

One of its natural attractions is the beautiful beach, the coral reefs, it is not visited massively since it is not a strongly commercial area, which makes it private and relaxing to all who visit it.

10. Yandup Island Lodge:

considered the best island in the entire Guna Yala region, it has cabins on the sea with private bathrooms, a restaurant where they prepare delicious dishes.

Access to this beautiful island is only by plane, you must write to them directly as they organize charter flights to their island +507 6682-9848.

You must take an air flight to UGGUPSENI ( Playon Chico) , there you will arrive at the beautiful Yandup, you will be able to learn about culture, history, visit paradisiacal islands and be in one of the most famous private islands in the entire region, where artists have visited this paradise for its privacy and authenticity.

This has been a summary of some facilities to stay in the islands of Guna Yala, San Blas for all budgets, we will gladly help you coordinate the best for you

You can contact us to help you in your decision

Whatsapp +507 6912-7272


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