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Has to pay the Balance 15  days before arrival in High Season  ( December- March)


Saldo Pendiente debe cancelarse 3 dias antes de su viaje.

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  • In case of cancellation we do not refund the deposit minumum. 


    Por este medio usted acepta reservar sus espacios de auto, lancha y cabaña para la fecha seleccionada por usted y nuestro agente de ventas.

    Los Abonos No son reembosables en caso de cancelación.


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    By reading this NOTE if you agree you can proceed with your reservation. Before booking your stay in the islands of San Blas it is important for us that you are clear in several situations. 
    • Guna Yala Explorer is a specialist in Day Tours, Pasadías. • The Lodges are managed, attended directly by the owners of the islands, restaurant service, tours, etc. • In the Lodgings You will not find people who speak English around you may feel that there is no communication between the Lodge and the Islands. • The islands are an excellent place to relax, and to know the paradise that surrounds us. • The cars that transport all tourists are shared between 6 passengers + the driver. • It is important if you take your Lodging the Lunch Times are from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m., Dinner from 6.00 p.m- 7:30 p.m.- Breakfasts from 7:00 a.m. - 8:30 a.m. • Schedules outside of the regular NO room service service and they do not provide food services outside the established hours • Visit the Islands of San Blas It is not for everyone in terms of accommodation. • You are looking for a schedule between 5 a 6 a.m. depending where you are staying in Panama City, and you will arrive at the port between 8 a 9 a.m. where you will have to wait approximately 45 minutes to get to the island. • Guna Yala Explorer is just the link to help you book with ease the place where you want to visit, we will coordinate only the transfer by car, the boat and your Lodging. • Tours you can buy directly with the owners of the Island. • The bathrooms of most places are shared with other visitors, which makes it quite annoying and unpleasant, we are honest the cleanliness of the bathrooms is not the best. • Cabins or islands are NOT conventional hotels where you are checked in, there is a receptionist or concierge who will give you instructions, 
    visiting the islands of Guna Yala is as if you were in a basic HOSTAL 100% of your time. • We offer facilities with private bathrooms at an extra cost but the rooms are limited. • The meals on the islands are NOT varied, regularly it is only 1 menu per day and it is the catch of the day. • THE SAN BLAS ISLANDS DO NOT HAVE RESORTS, ALL INCLUDED. 
    Dear Client if you wish to visit the islands in a comfortable, quiet way, we recommend 100% our  DAY TOURS


  • Las transacciones por tarjeta de crédito se le añade el 7% de cargo Bancario o IVA 

    All credit card payments has a charge of 7% tax