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General post covid information in Guna Yala or San Blas islands .


For Guna Yala Explorer your health and safety is the most important thing for us, there is a current reality that is affecting all tourist places worldwide and the islands of Guna Yala does not escape from this situation, here you will find information on how we are preparing for a forthcoming opening, that gradually our national health authorities together and our local authorities (Guna General Congress) will dictate procedures to be followed for a safe opening for all.

In the same way, if you have any questions that are not detailed in this section, you can send us an email to and we will gladly respond as soon as possible.

On your future trip to the Guna Yala Islands, formerly known as the San Blas Islands, you will have the opportunity to get to know our beautiful Caribbean islands.


It is very important that you know that our company will follow all the Biosafety protocols, disinfection of our cars, boats and beach area, a restaurant that we will use for the service of all our visitors to the San Blas Islands in Panama.


Based on our experience and our good reputation of being # 1 in tours we have chosen one of the best islands in the area to visit with good food, turquoise waters and excellent means of maritime transport in our Explorer Boat and our cars.


The capacity of our tours has been reduced to 50% stipulated by the Ministry of Health and our regional authorities.


Get organized and book your visit to the Guna Yala Islands, San Blas with us, in our 8 years of operation we have taken care of every detail in the experience of all our visitors

Unfortunately due to the pandemic, we are still unable to visit indigenous communities and develop our highly reserved cultural tours.


How are the reservation processes currently?

The tour reservation processes currently remain the same, by email or our WhatsApp number + 507 6912-72-72 you can write to us for inquiries, rates or request for a quote for a future visit to the islands , we will be happy to answer all your questions. 

To reserve a specific date, do you have to make a full payment or payment for the tour? 

Since for the moment the tours will be with limited capacity both in car transfers and boat transfers, it will be necessary to confirm the date with a subscription, to which you will be entitled to a refund up to 24 hours before the tour. You can click this link to read our security protocols on our tours.

If for some reason I have to cancel the tour due to the closure of borders, airports, flights due to the pandemic, can I request a refund of my money? As a first option, we would love that you could change the date or use it as a credit in your favor for a future visit, if you cannot perform any of the options detailed above, Guna Yala Explorer will refund your money within a maximum period of 60 days without any inconvenience.

From what date can I book the tour with you?

The opening of tourist activities throughout the territory of Panama are scheduled from October 12, 2020, although in our Guna Yala Region, being an autonomous territory where our local authorities, the Guna General Congress, together with the communities, will going to Open on May 14-15-16 , 2021 for Panamanians and Residents for Day tours and after that week , will going to open for all the tourist ,( foreigns, residents and Panamanians)

The only requirement when visiting us is to have a negative covid test with a minimum of 48 hours before the tour.

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