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We are a proudly from Guna Yala born on the islands and educated between the islands and Panama City, from the community of Ailigandi (mangrove island) with more than 15 years of experience in ecological and cultural tourism, our Beginnings in the tourism sector date back to 2005, times where the only option to visit the Guna Yala Islands was by taking a plane from Panama City, working as a local guide in our community, a place where the islands were not so colorful. neighboring as the name says mangrove island we emphasize more in cultural tourism showing the traveler the richness of our culture and traditions, when the road opened in 2008 and was fully paved in early 2012, we saw the opportunity to be able to show the world all that cultural richness but now with a bit of that beauty of paradisiacal islands that characterizes the sector of the Carti area.


And since 2012 (9 years ago) we began to work little by little in this sector of sister communities and at the same time structuring a work plan that would involve personnel from the area for this new project, between training and research we managed to create a team of work that felt our ideals, that more than making tours of beautiful beaches, we want to leave our travelers the experience of having known one of the few indigenous populations that still maintain their autonomy.


That is why at Guna Yala Explorer, we are still interested in maintaining and showing that cultural and indigenous part in all our tours, we are a tourism operator that acts for the benefit of the communities, 100% of our guides, helpers, sailors and operators of boat are residents of the communities we visit, with Guna Yala Explorer you can ensure that your trip will contribute to the conservation and well-being efforts of the different families in the region, specifically in the Carti area.

From all this adventure, Guna Yala Explorer was born, a ti that despite having only 9 years operating in the Carti sector with a lot of effort, work and sacrifice, we have positioned ourselves as one of the most important providers of tourist services in the area, obtaining one of the best positions on the website, currently working hand in hand with major national and international travel agencies and tourism wholesalers, who trust us to manage their clients on the islands.

In this short summary of us we want to give a special thanks to the communities of Carti Sugdup, Carti Tupile and Carti Yandup for opening their doors to us and all our clients and at the same time making us feel welcome in their communities and ports. We are very pleased that within all the travel options, you are taking us into consideration for your next excursion to the islands of San Blas, if you give us the opportunity we would be very pleased to be your hosts on the islands taking care of all the Biosecurity measures of our collaborators, visitors and the population.



A big greeting from Guna Yala Explorer

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